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Andrew Skilleter has worked since the 1970s as an illustrator, artist, publisher and occasional writer. Best known for his professional association with Doctor Who since 1979, Doctor Who art and the name of Andrew Skilleter became synonymous during the 1980s. He has produced hundreds of covers for adult, teenage and children’s books across numerous genres. His work has also encompassed the illustration of many books, magazines, CDs and Audio, TV and Video and a long creative partnership with the BBC including for the Radio Collection covers such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Journey Into Space and Tolkein.

His work has received critical attention with originals exhibited in London and nation-wide, including the Association of Illustrators exhibitions and annuals. His original art is in numerous collections in the UK and USA. Art of the Imagination tours a selection of his original art throughout the UK all year. Blacklight : The Art of Andrew Skilleter, a large format, colour hardback written by the artist was published by Virgin in 1995, showcasing his work. Ivanhoe, his first work as author/illustrator for children, was published as a deluxe hardback in 1997. Living in the Dorset countryside with his artist and writer wife, Patricia Papps, he continues to work on a variety of commissions, private and commercial, publishing limited edition portfolios and prints, selling his original art, writing and is now reinventing himself developing a new range of digital work. A new website and an extension of his online presence is ongoing.

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